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Campal Frutas is always looking for the best quality, combining innovation and sustainability.

Although we started and maintained the tradition of a family business, our philosophy is that the world is constantly evolving. This allows us to continue the search for innovation and the development of our production practices, to guarantee a high quality product, with a sustainable background.

With that in mind, our company is certified by Global G.A.P, GRASP and Rainforest Alliance

Reforestation and sustainability project

Since the beginning, Campal Frutas has been concerned with environmental and corporate sustainability. With the help of an environmental consultancy, all our properties are environmentally regulated.

We recognize that we use natural resources and that our obligation is to somehow return them to the environment, and make everyone aware of the importance of environmental sustainability.

We aim at reforestation projects and planting trees of native species, always respecting the fauna and flora. We work by reforesting areas close to the cultivation of our properties. Since the beginning of our project, almost 1000 seedlings of native trees have been planted in reforestation areas.

Our goal is to make all our workers aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation.
Therefore, we are looking for new projects such as the use of organic compounds instead of chemical compounds in planting, the reuse of rainwater for irrigation and washing of external areas.
Hunting and fishing are prohibited on all our properties, in order to protect animals and the environment.

We are always looking for new planting, harvesting and packaging techniques, always aiming at the environment and the balance between agriculture and nature.