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About Us


Campal Frutas is a fruit producer and exporter located in the region of Valinhos, São Paulo. The company has been in the market for over 60 years. The production of fruits such as figs, guava, carambola, atemoya and peach are our specialty, with quality and care as our priority.

Our differential

Our fruits are destined for the internal market as well as for the external market, thus having a reach on a regional, national and world scale.

Our production has the best and most modern planting and harvesting practices, always looking for improvement to obtain expressive results in terms of the quality and flavor of the fruit.

A family tradition that has been improving and innovating production for generations to offer the market high quality fruits.


To be the best and most recognized company for the quality and excellence of our products, which operates in the field of production and export. Better every day to better serve our customers and consumers.


Develop and care for the area where we operate, seeking excellence in all our work and modernizing planting, harvesting and organization methods, thus valuing the environment and our employees.


Commitment, dedication, cooperation, humility, care and passion.